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Q1: Are you seeking counseling or support regarding matrimonial and family disputes?
Q2: Are you seeking legal guidance & support regarding matrimonial and family related disputes?
Q3: Have you been assaulted / physically hit by your wife, in-law(s) and/or her friend(s)?
Have you been threatened, blackmailed or coerced in matrimonial matter by your wife and/or in-law/s?
Q5: Are you facing court case or litigation in relation to above filed by your wife or in-laws?
Q6: f the answer of Q5 is YES, what is the category of the most critical case you are facing?
Are you or any in your family facing Police Custody(PC) /Judicial Custody (JC) i.e. Jail scenario?
Do you feel depressed/scared/tormented or have dark negative thoughts of committing suicide?
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